My name is Codie Leseman. I earned my BA at University of Minnesota Duluth in 2009 with a major in Urban and Regional Studies and a minor in Geography. I have worked with a number of non-profit organizations, taught English in South Korea, and currently work as a transportation planner somewhere in Iowa.

7 thoughts on “About

  1. Dan says:

    Hey Codie,
    Great map, thanks very much for making it. Hope to see you there! Drop me an email if you’re still in the region.

  2. Can I use your maps in my book to illustrate how a cartogram looks like?
    ~Abhaya Indraya

  3. kungtu17T says:

    Hey Codie,
    Your district map of Saigon is so cool, may you share the poygon bounds of these district? I want to create a geojson file of Saigon district.

  4. Annette Atkins says:

    Codie — thank you for your posts. I especially like the 6 real regions of Minnesota, but appreciate generally your imaginative and thoughtful mapmaking!

  5. Angie Lua says:

    Hi Codie, you have created a great district map for Saigon. May I use it for my presentation kit with credits to you? Thank you.

  6. bob says:

    First and only useful map of HCM city. I’ve been looking for THIS map for over a year. None of my VN friends could find anything close to this. All the other maps out there are totally confusing. I’m stoked, thanks a bunch (:0 )

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