Close Calls: 2016 Democratic primaries and caucuses won by less than 5%

Close Calls Map

Now that Hillary Clinton is the official Democratic Party nominee for president, let’s look back at the closest primary and caucus contests.  This is technically a choropleth map using a bi-polar color projection, but with a twist.  Instead of emphasizing values on the extreme ends of the spectrum, this map highlights those values closest to the middle.  I was struck by how most of the close contests were ultimately won by Hillary Clinton, so I decided to make this map.  The most time consuming part wasn’t the map itself, but rather calculating the percentages to show in each state.  There are too many different ways to calculate these results, so I took the totals of each state’s popular votes (or “state delegate equivalents” where applicable) and did the math myself.  Fun fact: Missouri was the tightest race, with a margin of only 0.25007% between the two candidates.  This is the same as a hypothetical election split 200 to 199.


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